September 30, 2013

Speak Freely. Write Your World. - Bubblews

I have a friend from eHow days (remember those carefree days of eHow) and who has written on various sites such as SeekyT and Firehow.   She also is a Zazzle gift shop owner and does quite nice designs.  Susan also has been writing on Bubblews and took time to write a wonderful post about me.   I am reluctant to brag too much, but it awesome to see that someone as creative as Susan is - is a fan of my words. Thanks SUSAN! 

Speak Freely. Write Your World. - Bubblews:

Alrady is a writer at Bubblews and her content is informative, interesting and entertaining. This Bubblews member has a way with words that makes you feel like you are sitting in a cafĂ© having a real conversation. Many times I will be having an off day and will come across one of Alradys posts and I will laugh. I think of her as the online version of “I love Lucy” as she can be so funny. 

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Anton Lundin said...

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