February 22, 2013

SQUIDOO Experiment: 2 months experience yields ,,,


Well it has been 79 days since I posted my great Squidoo experiment. After spending a solid 45 days on the site I learned a lot. The site has a lot of potential and even on the lowest rung of the earnings ladder, I have made $3.38 without any affiliate sales.

I have relearned a lot about generating traffic through backlinks, keywords and social media. Well I've always been hot on social media so perhaps I focused more on backlinks and keywords. I have decided there is not enough time in the day to generate and maintain my lenses AND do it well - so there will be outsourcing done for some of the components of Squidoo 101.  My ambition of 100 lenses by 30 days succumbed to the realization that I had to continue earning a certain amount of money to pay the bills.

So I decided to make another lens and sell some of the lenses I bought or created and refocus efforts and see where experiment #2 takes me. :)  FEEL FREE TO SHARE your similar experiments in the comments section!!!


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